Tooth Friendly Easter Tips for your family

As Easter Eggs are flying off the shelves, children’s, ( and grown-ups), teeth are preparing themselves for a chocolate onslaught!

Striking a balance between letting your child indulge on their treats and keeping an eye on their consumption is the best way to make sure their oral health doesn’t suffer.

It is not the amount of Easter Eggs eaten that would cause tooth decay - it is how often they are consumed. Whenever your child eats anything sugary, their teeth will be under attack for up to 1 hour. Sugar causes the bacteria in plaque to produce acids. It is these acids which attack children’s tooth enamel and cause tooth decay.

  • Enjoy Easter treats as part of a meal, rather than nibbling throughout the day

  • After eating chocolates and sweets, don’t brush straight away. Tooth enamel is softer and weaker after it’s been exposed to sugar and acid. Stop eating an hour before bed.

  • Give non-edible Easter gifts instead of a chocolate egg. Hide a few small toys, craft items, coloring books… for them to collect during an Easter Egg Hunt so there’s not an abundance of chocolate

    Have a tooth-happy Easter folks!